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El Acque del Principe

The essence of our well-being lies in the balance of mind, soul and body. Born out of a desire to create a dimension where all the parts that make us up can find a listening ear and attention, we offer a variety of advanced aesthetics treatments designed according to skin type, lifestyle, gender and age.

Treatments and rituals performed with the utmost professionalism and attention to the client, through not only the use of highly professional and certified products, but also technologically advanced equipment, are necessary to achieve the desired aesthetic goals.

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  • Whirlpool tub

    The most effective way to regenerate body and mind is to indulge in a whirlpool bath. Thanks to the effects of hydrotherapy, it gives intense feelings of relaxation to regenerate body and mind. A numerous amount and type of water jets ensure maximum comfort.

  • Turkish Bath

    The Steam Bath treatment takes place in an enclosed environment with very high relative humidity. The internal temperature ranges from 40 to 60°C and promotes circulation, deep cleansing and purification of the skin, which thus appears more radiant, supple and soft.

  • Emotional Showers

    The harmonious perception of lights, water, aromas and sounds gently accompanies a journey of the senses, giving a multisensory experience of well-being and relaxation. Alternating cold and warm water jets combined with aromatherapy and color therapy stimulate the dilation and closure of pores, increasing skin tone.

  • Massage

    The harmonious perception of lights, water, aromas and sounds gently accompanies you on a journey of the senses, giving you a multi-sensory experience. Complete the wellness path with regenerating massages and facial and body treatments. An area where you can pamper yourself and relax by relying on the expert hands of qualified staff who care about your mental and physical wellbeing and beauty.

rhea cosmetics

Body treatments

We devote wide-ranging wellness pathways to the body, from finalized massages to regain energy and deep relaxation with warm oils, essences, aromas and rituals, to slimming, draining and anti-cellulite therapies to fight fat, lose fat and reshape fitness.

Clean&Relax body + Actienergy (35 min)

It is a true decongesting and relaxing welcoming ritual, from a physical and mental point of view: an exfoliating body wash with citrus aromatization.

Key actions of the Clean & Relax Body Profase:
• Cleanses.
• Lightens.
• Smooth.
• Flavors.

Body Touch (60 min)

A global body massage, an integral work that combines draining, stimulating and decontracting maneuvers with deep relaxation. A global body unlocking ritual, thanks to the active action of magnesium oil mixed with massage emulsion elima stress psychophysical tensions, in a deep mental and morphological regeneration.

• Feeling of well-being and relaxation.
• Loosening of muscle tension.
• Lymphatic stimulation.
• Elimination of toxins and waste.
• Lipolysis.

Scrubbing (55 min)

Exfoliation with mechanical action, functional for tissue renewal and cell turnover. A tailored treatment with different grain size, customized to skin type. Effective in combating cellulite, atony, the stretch marks and adiposity, improves the appearance of the skin, making it smoother and smoother.

• Renews.

Liposalt (65 min)

A halotherapy salt ritual that reshapes the body and smooths the skin. The star ingredient is recrystallized, ultra-pure Volterra salt, effective in fighting cellulite.

The detoxifying action of salt is enhanced by the stimulating complexes and bandage, which rebalance and harmonize the circulatory and venous systems, detoxifying the body and reactivating metabolism. Liposalt stimulates adipocyte disposal by reshaping the silhouette.

• Remodels.
• Drains.
• Detoxifies.

Oiltherapy (70 min)

Deep aromatherapy bio-restructuring treatment for pure, glowing, alive skin. A ritual that touches a whole body and tissues involved in muscle relaxation, circulatory detoxification and postural rebalancing.

The long, enveloping movements accompany the person to a deep state of relaxation. Oiltherapy beyond the benefits of the massage itself treats the body thanks to the botanicals and essential oils used.

• Anti-aging.
• Anti-stress.
• Draining.
• Detoxifying.
• Toning.
• Moisturizing and nourishing.

Slimcup (70 min)

Cupping for metabolic rebalancing. This is a comprehensive body treatment using the cupping technique. It involves alternating silicone cups, of different sizes, which have suction, detoxifying and reactivating actions on skin tissues.

• Drains.
• Remodels.
• Reduces.
• Vascularizes.
• Cellulite Reduction

rhea cosmetics

Tratamientos faciales

Discover the natural rhythm of life through one of our treatments tailor made for you by Rhea Cosmetics.

Breathe deeply and enjoy our beauty and wellness program. Let yourself be carried away, choose from our range of massages.

Clean & Relax viso + Actienergy (30 min)

This is a true decongesting and relaxing welcoming ritual, from a physical and mental point of view: an exfoliating face wash with citrus aromatization.

Key actions of profase Facial Clean & Relax:
• Cleanses.
• Lightens.
• Smooth.
• Flavor.

Exfo time (40 min)

Exfoliates, stimulates, smoothes. Deep and gentle exfoliation ritual, specific for all skin types. Stimulation of the actives produces renewed blood circulation ensuring significant tissue oxygenation and deep cell renewal.

The combination of acids completely removes dead cells and hyper-keratinizations, the balancing action inhibits sebaceous secretions purifying the skin.

Hot & Cold (45 min)

A cast mask with thermal carrier action that acts directly on the skin. the cast allows rapid and functional absorption of the active ingredients contained in the regenerating serum.

HOT: The change in epidermal temperature promotes deep oxygenation, stimulating collagen and elastin production. Hot key action: revitalizes, oxygenates, regenerates, plumps.

COLD: Cryogenic action compacts the skin and decongests tissues giving immediate comfort and visible toning. Cold key action: soothes, disinfames, tones, detoxifies.

Jelly (40 min)

The Jelly ritual revitalizes the skin and has a marked anti-wrinkle action, stimulating hyaluronic acid synthesis and inhibiting the formation of free radicals. The deep regenerating action is evident from the very first session with immediate tissue redensification for firmer skin.

Jelly delays aging, diminishes blemishes and deeply hydrates the skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

Mineral (40 minuti)

The Mineral prophase is based on the mapping of skin imperfections, so that all areas of the face are treated locally and differentially. Mineral masks are extremely functional thanks to the clay, which is rich in mineral salts and vitamins and has a strong detoxifying and antioxidant power. Each Mineral mask is enriched with a specific trace element indicated for different

OXI (45 min)

Regenerative Oxygenation Treatment. Through the application of an OXI oxygenating carrier, it stimulates oxygen production at the cellular level, increasing blood circulation and improving cellular metabolism. As a result of this renewed blood supply and nourishment, the skin appears healthier, toned and radiant; tissues thus appear plumped and wrinkles diminished.

PH Clean (40 min)

Oxygenating and smoothing treatment for face, neck and décollete indicated for impure and dull skin. With exfoliating action PH.

Phitoplant (40 min)

Alginate mask based on Spirulina and Peppermint with deep redensifying and decongesting action. Philoplant treatment provides the skin with a high dose of plant actives, imparting soothing remineralizing and brightening action. Tone, firmness and rejuvenation the main benefits for visibly firm, supple and impurity-free skin.

Therapy (40 min)

Massage dedicated to muscle stimulation and tissue revitalization, against cellular aging and tissue atony. The Therapy ritual traces and stimulates the myofacial muscles from the neck to the forehead by vascularizing the tissues, for firmer, regenerated facial skin.

Through the sensoriality of massage honey, one indulges in deep relaxation that relaxes the features and relieves tension.


Treatments & massages

Our Spa “Le Acque del Principe” is a place of absolute quiet and beauty where you can purify yourself in total relaxation and enjoy a rejuvenating break inside the Villa del Gattopardo.

There are many treatments and massages to choose from, performed by our highly qualified staff. Lose yourself in the relaxing sensations of our wellness path.

Pampering gifts (30 min) - (50 min)

Relaxation massage with notes of vanilla and jasmine.

Knight's Decontracting (30 min) - (50 min)

Strongly energizing massage, relieves tension and pain with disinflammatory magnesium oil.

The prince and the princess (30 min) - (50 min)

Massaggio di coppia afrodisiaco con note di rosa e cannella.

Candle massage (30 min) - (50 min)

Massaggio attraverso candele composte da olii e burri preziosi per un’esperienza sensoriale unica, rilassante e benefica per il corpo e la mente.

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