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Being well as a condition of the soul

Regaining one’s equilibrium is a prerequisite to bodily well-being, which is why at Villa del Gattopardo we will take care of you with a holistic, integrated and integral approach so that energy and lifeblood can flourish again from within, producing long-lasting beneficial effects.

The philosopher Plato said that “one should not hold in the highest regard living as such, but living well,” and it is to this psycho-body good that all our treatments aim, selected and offered according to a single criterion: the achievement of complete and fulfilling well-being.

We know well that any achievement of our aesthetic appearance is worth little, or nothing, if it is not supported by a newfound inner balance, a serenity that brings mind and body into harmonious correspondence.

An atmosphere of relaxation

From the very first moment you enter Le Acque del Principe Spa & Wellness, you will feel enveloped in an atmosphere of pure relaxation, where even time dilates to make room for a new emotional dimension that sees you at the center of all attention.

The gurgling of the water, the warmth, the beneficial aromas, the intimate environments of soft light, become the path of a personalized path designed just for you, so that the chosen treatment is not a mere aesthetic “pampering” but a wellness treatment that can produce its regenerating effects from within and “set in motion” an energetic change able to open your senses to full harmony.

Whatever treatment you choose, we will know how to give you a newfound condition of serenity, where a brighter face, a more radiant look, a relaxed musculature, a more toned skin can correspond to a shining inner smile, filled with the state of true beauty regained.

Services & Amenities

Free Parking

24-hour free parking, large guarded spaces to leave your car and the possibility of recharging electric vehicles thanks to our Enel X charging stations.

Spa & Wellness

Spa & Wellness “Le Acque del Principe” at your disposal to arrange you a personalised experience tailor-made for you.

Happy Hour

A variety of innovative cocktails and an extensive wine list matched with different aperitif options, all linked by a single fil rouge: a typical flavors of our land.

Full Wifi Access

Free Wifi in every room and in every area of the Villa, to enjoy your stay with all the comfort of modern connectivity,


Guaranteed security service: your serenity first of all, a security service that is always active and at your total service, to enjoy your stay in complete relaxation.

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