The dancing fountain

A poem written in water

The symbolic value of water, generator of life and emblem of purity, has been known since ancient times.

The houses of Arab notables always had, in the centre of their entrance courtyards, a gushing fountain where the perennial gurgling gave peace and tranquillity to the typical garden of delights, so often evoked in oriental fiction.

Sicilian culture is therefore no stranger to this architectural and aesthetic element of ancient origin, typical of the most important dwellings, which plays a central role in any self-respecting rural residence.

The water features of the dancing fountain

Villa del Gattopardo pays tribute to the island’s history, and to the traditions that tell its deepest essence, with a marvellous and spectacular fountain, as majestic in its structure as it is delicate and moving in its movement.

The gushes of the fountain come alive at dusk, giving rise to an orchestral crescendo following a soft and sinuous dance to the notes of the most famous and exciting waltzes.

The lights, changing according to the movements of the water jets, transfigure the reality around them, evoking dreamlike atmospheres and fairytale dances in the moonlight.

The darkness of the night is ”set ablaze” by a riot of dancing jets, of transparent aquatic designs, of sprays embroidering romantic luminous geometries, of evanescent mazurkas and flowing minuets.

An apotheosis of water games, of light effects, of colours, of melodious musical harmonies, of emotions.


The magic of the fountain

The dancing fountain at Villa del Gattopardo is a tribute to the Sicilian gattopardi, to the thousand-year history of this land and to its undisputed beauty: a unique spectacle in Europe, which only those privileged enough to stay here will be able to admire.

Services & Comforts

Free Parking

24-hour free parking, large guarded spaces to leave your car and the possibility of recharging electric vehicles thanks to our Enel X charging stations.

Free Shuttle

Villa del Gattopardo offers its customers a shuttle service. In the morning towards Mondello and in the afternoon towards Palermo.​

Lounge Bar

Villa del Gattopardo awaits you for your elegant cocktails. Immersed in the greenery while sipping a cocktail on board the dancing fountain.

Full WIFI Access

Free Wifi in every room and in every area of the Villa, to enjoy your stay with all the comfort of modern connectivity.

Airport Transfer

Upon request it is possible to book the paid service for the transfer to and from the airport.


Making a unique experience

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